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Uogishi Seiki - from the No. 1 die manufacturer in the Hokushinetsu area to the No. 1 in Japan with its uniqueness in manufacturing

"Why not rely on Uogishi Seiki? And everything will go well" - such reliability cannot possibly be established in a short space of time. We are proud of the organizational strength we have established in the 70 years since our foundation (as of 2016), and the ability not only manufacture quality products, but also to make sound proposals, which is the basis for this reliability. Our company's management philosophy is to suit customers needs for die manufacturing technology, create "customer satisfaction", "well-being of employees", "company profit", and continue to develop. I am confident that our company's profit will be realized only when customer satisfaction and employee well-being are achieved.

New challenges are welcomed. What is required in the current era is the attitude: "be delicate like an angel, and be bold like a devil". We have the desire to face up to new challenges together with young people who are forging a new future. It does not mean that we will have to overcome major hurdles that cannot be easily handled as our first goal. All we have to do is to find our own stride and make effort to bring out good results. Taking action will lead to growth. Our company has adopted the biannual salary system where each employee's achievement against particular targets, which are to be established biannually, is reflected in his/her salary. The targets are established at both the company level and the individual level, and how well the individual has achieved the targets is reflected in his/her salary. Our adoption of such a system shows our desire for employees to keep the spirit of challenge.

From now on, we are striving to enhance our core competence (ability to exceed our competitors) and at the same time to specialize, aiming to become the one and only die manufacturer. In order to do so, we will need to change into a "fabless" manufacturing company who does not own a fabrication factory. We will have to establish the system where we only manufacture some specialized items that cannot be manufactured by other companies and the other items are standardized and manufactured externally. I think the shift to such system is the way for Japanese manufacturing industry to survive in the future. Overseas tie-up is also essential, and our factories are located in Thailand and China. We will promote globalization and keep advancing toward becoming the No. 1 die manufacturer in Japan from this Hokushinetsu area by putting Uogishi Seiki's unique items out into the world market.

Tsutomu Uogishi, President
Tsutomu Uogishi

Company Profile

Company name Uogishi Seiki Interactive Corpration
Location 118-1, Kitatakaki, Imizu, Toyama
TEL : +81 (0)766-52-5222 (Main)
Founded June, 1971
Capital \45,000,000
Accounting period May (once a year)
Representative Tsutomu Uogishi, President
Place of business Head Office Factory
Number of employees 49 employees (including part-timers)
Average age of employees Age 39
Main banks Oshima Branch, The Hokuriku Bank Ltd. Takaoka Branch, The Shoko Chukin Bank Ltd. Oshima Branch, Takaoka Shinkin Bank Toyama Branch, Japan Finance Corporation


1946 Uogishi Tekkousho founded to manufacture dies for sheet metal presswork in Kyomachi, Takaoka-City.
1960 Manufacturing of plastic molding dies started.
1968 The factory relocated to Sanyoshi, Takaoka-City, starting manufacturing of die-casting dies.
1969 Reorganized into a corporate organization with a capital of \7 million.
1981 The Head Office factory relocated to Kitataakaki, Oshimamachi, followed by the capital increase to \14 million.
1983 Designated as an excellent model factory by Toyama Prefectural Federation of Societies of Commerce and Industry.
1991 Reorganized with Tsutomu Uogishi as the President and Rikio Uogishi as the Chairman.
1992 The factory site area increased by 760.25㎡ under the production increase plan, to the total factory site area of 2101.41㎡ and the possessed land area of 3125.44㎡.
1997 The site for building the 2nd factory of 5893.56㎡ was acquired.
1999 Research and development conducted under the theme: "Research on Vacuum Die Casting System" in the Creative Technology Research and Development Project run by Chubu Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1999.
2000 Certified to ISO 9002: Quality Management System (the first ISO-certified die manufacturer in Toyama prefecture).
2001 Certified by Toyama prefecture as one of the management model companies for small and medium businesses in Toyama prefecture.
With the investment received from Nagoya Small and Medium Business Investment & Consultation Co., Ltd., its capital reached \30 million.
Certified to ISO 14001: Environmental Management System.
2002 The local sales office established in Thailand.
2003 The factory B building expanded (750㎡).
2004 U Mold(Thailand)Co., Ltd., the local molding factory was founded.
2005 Certified to OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.
2006 Privately-placed bonds of \150,000,000 issued.
2008 Special award "Only-One Company in Imizu-City" received.
2009 The Kanto Sales Office established in Hachioji, Tokyo.
2009 The Project FR launched.
2010 Its ISO/OHSAS certifications were shifted to self-certification in January.
2010 Its capital increased with allocation of new shares to a third party: Nidec Tosok Corporation in October.
2011 A die casting manufacturer established in China jointly with Nidec Tosok Corporation at end of November.
2012 The Kanto Sales Office relocated from Hachioji in Tokyo, to Kasahata, Kawagoe-City in Saitama.
2013 Certified to ISO 9001: Quality Management System.
2014 The Kanto Sales Office relocated from Kasahata, Kawagoe-City in Saitama to Asahimachi, Kawagoe-City.
2015 We resolved the China joint venture with Nidec Tosok Corporation.
Return the capital, also investments from Nidec Tosok Co., Ltd. was set to own shares.


118-1, Kitatakaki, Imizu, Toyama, 939-0281 JAPAN   TEL : +81 (0)766-52-5222 (Main)


●Access by car
15 minutes from Kosugi IC, Hokuriku Expressway
●Access by JR train
20 minutes by taxi from Shin Takaoka Station
●Access by airplane
Take direct bus service from Toyama Airport to JR Shin Takaoka Station, and 20 minutes by taxi from Shin Takaoka Station

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